Vet Services


Consultations with the Veterinary Surgeon can be for any number of reasons; for vaccination, general health check, or due to illness or injury. Whatever the reason, our experienced Vets are committed to offering you the professional and personal care that your pet deserves.

Appointments with the Veterinary Surgeon can be arranged by telephone. We have a linked telephone and computer system which will enable the Receptionist to book appointments at any of our surgeries. You may also request an appointment online. However; for urgent appointments, we recommend that you contact us by telephone.


Day case procedures such as neutering, dental treatment and minor operations can be performed at all of our surgeries.  Major surgery, investigations involving x-ray, endoscopy or ultrasound usually takes place at our Veterinary Hospital in Huntingdon although our Cambourne and Sawtry surgeries also have x-ray facilities.

Any pet that requires hospitalisation for longer periods will stay in our Veterinary Hospital at Huntingdon where we have Veterinary Surgeons and Nurses on duty 24/7.

Due to the complex surgery of bitch spays, Cromwell Vets highly recommend that these patients stay with us overnight. This means they can be closely monitored by our on-duty staff and given pain relief whenever they require it.  Having them in our care also gives their owners a good night’s sleep, knowing that their dog is in our safe hands. For this reason all bitch spays are performed at our Huntingdon hospital.

Prescriptions and Supply of Medicines

We supply medicines to treat patients at the time of consultation or for repeat prescriptions authorised by a Veterinary Surgeon. Our policy at Cromwell Vets is to reassess animals requiring repeat prescriptions every six months or at shorter intervals if, in the opinion of the Veterinary Surgeon the condition should warrant this.

To request a repeat prescription you can either phone our Reception team or you can fill in a form online here.

Please note that we require 2 working days for all repeat prescriptions and we ask that they are collected within 7 days.

If you prefer, you may wish to obtain a written prescription for medicines to be supplied by another Veterinary Practice or online pharmacy.