36 St Johns Street
PE29 3DG

01480 52601 / 52222

The Surgery

Our Huntingdon surgery has been in the same location on St John’s Street for over 100 years. The surgery has 2 vet consulting rooms, a nurse consult room and the Buttons Bradley Room. Vet consultations run throughout the day until 8.30pm weekdays and until 12.30pm on Saturdays. Nurse consultations are available weekdays from 9am to 6.30pm and Saturdays from 9am to 12.30pm. The surgery has its own car park opposite the entrance of the surgery. As part of the 2011 extension work at our Huntingdon hospital we built the ‘Buttons Bradley Room’.  This room was named after a dear client, Mrs Bradley and her pet poodle ‘Buttons’ who left us a legacy in her Will. The room is a quiet and peaceful place where clients can spend time visiting their ill pets or spend the last few precious moments saying goodbye.

The Hospital

Our surgery in Huntingdon was one of the first in the country to become accredited by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons as a Small Animal Veterinary Hospital to which we are very proud. During the week we have 2 Vets performing booked procedures (such as neutering, dentals, x-rays and lump removals) and one Vet looking after all the in-patients and providing care to any emergency cases.

The Hospital’s central location in Huntingdonshire means it is ideally suited to provide the 24hr emergency care – the Hunts Vets Emergency Service (HVES).

 24hr Emergency Service Tel: 01480 52222

The Wards

There are 19 dog kennels and 2 dog runs all arranged to maximise your dog’s safety and comfort.  The cats have their own ward with room for 18 patients, away from the dogs.  We have isolation facilities capable of holding potentially infectious cases and intensive care facilities which includes a humidified oxygen cage and an incubator used for small puppies and kittens.  We also have facilities to bathe our patients if required.

Preparation and Treatment Rooms

These rooms are used for dressing changes, preparing for intravenous drips, blood sampling, pre-anaesthetic checks and pre-medication prior to surgery.  They are also used by our Vets and Nurses for regular examination and treatment of inpatients.

Operating Theatres

We have two state-of-the-art operating suites for procedures ranging from minor operations to complex soft tissue and orthopaedic surgeries.

Dental Area

Dental problems are very common in animals and the hospital has a dedicated dental station, equipped with modern dental instruments including an ultrasonic de-scaler, polisher and drill unit.  These are very similar to those that you would see at your own Dentist!

Diagnostic Equipment

The hospital is very well equipped with a wide range of diagnostic equipment including ultrasound, endoscopes, ECG and blood pressure monitoring equipment.  Also in our hospital we have a top of the range digital x-ray machine which enables the Vets to obtain superior image quality.  These images can be stored with your pet’s records on our computer system which is easily accessible and can also be sent within minutes to our referral centres, if the need requires it.


2011 saw the development of our new pharmacy and laboratory at our Huntingdon Hospital which houses the latest and most reliable diagnostic machines. Many tests can be carried out in-house, which often enables the Vets to make a rapid diagnosis and provide prompt treatment.  For more complicated tests we use nationally renowned laboratories which provide a daily courier service.

Surgery hours

Mon – Fri              8am – 8.30pm

Sat                          8am – 12.30pm