Wellpets blood screening

Pet Health & Wellbeing

Our vets are constantly seeking ways to keep your pets healthy and happy throughout a long life.

Each year dogs and cats age at the rate of six or seven human years, which means that serious conditions can develop long before you notice signs that your pet is “feeling poorly”.

The only way to detect pre-symptomatic disorders is through measuring changes in the chemistry of your pet’s blood.

It is also valuable for vets to have a picture of each pet’s healthy biochemistry in order to monitor future changes.

We offer this valuable service at an attractive price at the time of your pet’s annual vaccination.

Clinical Evidence

In a recent clinical study of apparently healthy pets, more than 1 in 10 were found to be developing the early stages of a disease condition, including:

  • Liver
  • Kidney
  • Gastro-intestinal
  • Heart diseases

       and particularly amongst older animals 

  • Thyroid disorders


This study clearly shows that a regular blood screening would enable your vet to diagnose and treat illnesses at the pre-symptomatic stage.

This should mean less traumatic, more effective and lower cost treatments.

Alternatively, your pet getting a clean bill of health gives you peace of mind.

Hi-Tech, Low Cost Analysis

Cromwell Vets is equipped with a high specification laboratory analyser which enables us to offer the best possible screening and monitoring of your pet’s health.

The following list of tests are run on a small blood sample taken from your pet:

  • Glucose to check for diabetes
  • ALT to check liver status
  • Creatinine, phosphorus and urea to assess kidney function
  • Total protein to check for infections and assess liver function
  • ALKP to check intestine, bone and liver health
  • GGT to check the liver duct function
  • Manual PCV for red blood cell count

       and for older pets:

  • Thyroxine to check thyroid

Remember an abnormal result does not always mean that a disorder exists; but it is grounds for re-checking or further investigation. 

How the Wellpets blood screening works

We offer the Wellpets blood screening for all age pets. We highly recommend regular Wellpets on the occasion of their annual booster vaccination and physical exam. The test is offered at a considerable discount when carried out at your pet’s annual visit.

To confirm Wellpets blood screening for your pet, please advise the receptionist when you book your vaccination appointment.

During your appointment, we will take a mall blood sample to be analysed in our in-house laboratory.

If the results of the test are normal, we will confirm this by post or by telephone within a few days.

In the event of a result which needs further investigation, we will contact you by telephone to arrange an appointment where your vet will explain the next step.