Cambourne, Ramsey and St Neots will be closed on Saturdays until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Whether it’s your first visit to Cromwell Vets (Huntingdon, St Neots, St Ives, Ramsey, Cambourne, Sawtry and Cromwell ARC) or you’ve been here before your pet will need an initial consultation to establish whether there are any issues that need attention.

consultations at cromwellConsultations can be used to investigate specific symptoms or injuries you may have noticed in your pet, or as a general health and wellbeing assessment when you register your pet with us for the first time. If you have a new kitten or puppy who needs a microchip, we’ll book them in for a consultation to check them over first.

One of our highly trained and experienced vets and nurses will welcome you into a private consultation room. We will ask you for any information that may be useful; like changes in your pet’s behaviour or eating habits. If your pet is already registered with us, we’ll also review their medical records and history. We’ll then conduct a thorough physical check of your pet, concentrating on any particular areas where you may be concerned there’s a problem.

If the initial consultation reveals any cause for concern, our vets and nurses will agree next steps with you. This could include medication, x-rays, referral to a nurse clinic, or further investigation. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

Please contact your local Cromwell Vets for information on the cost of a consultation for your pet.

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Day case procedures such as neutering, dental treatment and minor operations can be performed at all of our surgeries. Major surgery, investigations involving x-ray, endoscopy or ultrasound usually takes place at our hospital in Huntingdon although our Cambourne and Sawtry surgeries also have x-ray facilities.

Any pet that requires hospitalisation for longer periods will stay in our hospital where we have veterinary surgeons and nurses on duty 24/7.

Due to the complex surgery of bitch spays, occasionally these patients may need to stay with us overnight. For this reason all bitch spays are performed at our Huntingdon hospital. This means, where necessary, they can be closely monitored by our on-duty staff and given pain relief whenever they require it. Having them in our care also gives their owners a good night’s sleep, knowing that their dog is in our safe hands. Our clinical team will advise what's best for your pet and keep you informed. 

Medication and prescriptions

If your pet requires medication, our vets can dispense prescriptions at the time of consultation. Repeat prescriptions authorised by a vet can be ordered by contacting our reception team or online on our website. Due to some medications needing to be ordered in and the time it takes to prepare the medication, we require 48 hours’ notice for repeat prescriptions and we kindly ask they are collected within seven days. Following the RCVS guidelines, we are required to reassess animals requiring long term repeat prescriptions every six months or more frequently if the pet’s conditions should warrant this.

If you prefer, you may wish to obtain a written prescription for medicines to be supplied by another veterinary practice or online pharmacy. We also ask for 48 hours’ notice for this service.

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