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At Cromwell Vets our nursing team provides a range of services to complement our vet team in providing the best possible advice, treatment and care for your pet.

Our veterinary nursing team provides the following two main types of service – consultations and clinics:


  • Second vaccinations
  • Repeat medications
  • Nail clippings
  • Anal gland expression
  • Microchipping
  • Repeat blood testing
  • Repeat dressing changes
  • Admits and discharges
  • Behaviour
  • Desensitation
  • Weight
  • Post Op


  • Weight management
  • Parasite Checks


Please note that some services incur charges and certain services may only be offered after a consultation with a vet, or at certain branches due to space and facilities.

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Nurse clinics at Cromwell VetsOur nurses are an integral part of the veterinary team both in our hospital wards and operating theatres, and in the care offered to you and your pets in the consult room. Here, one focus of their role is supporting the vets with their work but their other role is to be there for you in our nurse clinics.

With their extensive pet care knowledge, our experienced nurses offer range of services and can help you manage and sometimes even prevent medical problems. Our nurse clinics provide you with a friendly and familiar face where you can discuss anything to do with your pet and much of their services is available free of charge.

Appointments are available six days a week at all of our surgeries, please speak to our team to book.

There are a number of procedures our clinic nurses can perform. Please note, many procedures are subject to a charge, however they are free if your pet is a member of our Pet Club.

  • Nail clipping
  • Tick removal
  • 2nd vaccinations
  • Microchipping
  • Minor de-matting / grooming issues
  • Administering medications
    (including flea treatment, wormers and immunovax for allergies)
  • Ear cleaning
  • Anal gland expression
  • Suture (stitch) removal

Our clinic nurses are available for free check-ups and advice, such as:

Dental checks and advice

Oral hygiene is extremely important for your pet’s health. Our clinic nurses can check for signs of dental disease and offer advice on how you can look after your pet’s teeth with brushing, specialist products and diet.

Insurance advice

There are many pet insurance companies and types of policies available. Our nurses can discuss the pros & cons of insurance and explain the differences between policies.

Puppy and kitten chats

Our nurses can give advice on all aspects of welcoming a new addition to your family including socialisation, behaviour, diet, toilet training, parasites, vaccination and neutering.

Rabbit chats

From housing and companionship to vaccinations and parasite control – our nurses can advise you on any questions you might have about your rabbit health and welfare.

Post-operative checks

In some circumstances, the post-op check can be carried out by our clinic nurses. They can give directed advice considering the procedure such as possible weight gain following neutering. A post-op check following more complex surgery often needs to be carried out by a vet.

Parasite control advice

There are many flea and worm products on the market and our nurses can advise you on which is best for you and your pet’s lifestyle.

Fireworks/noise phobia advice

Fireworks season can be terrifying for our pets and in our experience preparation is key to helping them cope. Our clinic nurses can guide you through how best to help your pet deal with the phobia such as the use of dens, noise desensitisation and product support.

Basic behavioural and training

Our nurses are on hand for advice on basic behavioural and training issues, such as toilet training, litter training, handling or the best way to introduce a new pet to your family.

Dietary advice

From dry food to tinned wet food to the raw diet, there are numerous types and brands of pet foods on the market. Our pets require different dietary requirements based on their breed, age and lifestyle. Our nurses can discuss the different pet foods with you and help you choose the right food for you and your pet.

General wellness and advice

No-one knows your pet as well as you do but our nurses are available to support you with your pet’s care. They are available to help guide on your pet’s general wellbeing and can advise anything to look out for (this can be especially useful for older pets). Your pet’s health is our priority so if they find anything concerning, the nurse will refer you to a vet. Our clinic nurses are also available to advise you on any other aspect of pet care, not just that mentioned above.

At Cromwell Vets, we are proud to be training practice and we encourage and support all our staff to continue their professional development. Many of our nurses have areas of interest and they have, or are working towards, additional qualifications.

This allows us to run specialist clinics which provide regular additional support when you it most.

Specialist clinics:

Weight clinic

Pet obesity is a growing problem and it can lead to more serious problems such as arthritis, heart conditions and diabetes as well as impacting on the pet’s quality of life. Similarly, pets being underweight can come with other complications. Managing pet’s weight through different stages of life can be challenging - this clinic is aimed at providing a structured and calculated meal plan for your pet, encourage regular visits for weight and measurement checks and advise on appropriate exercise levels.

Wound care clinic

Wound healing from surgery or injury can be complex and require additional treatment and/or repeat bandaging. We have a number of experienced nurses who specialise in wound management who are here for you if your pet ever requires their services.

Dog behaviour clinic

Although all our clinic nurses can give basic behavioural advice, sometimes dogs develop more long term and challenging behaviours which are best addressed by a specialist. We are pleased to be able to offer dog behaviour consultations with our qualified and experienced nurse at our Sawtry surgery. Occasionally behavioural changes can due to a medical condition, for this reason we ask if you are concerned about your dog’s behaviour, please speak to a vet before booking an appointment with our behaviourist.

Diabetic support clinic

Diabetes mellitus is a common endocrine disease in dogs and cats. When a patient is diagnosed with a lifelong condition, it is important to have someone there to support you and your pet as you learn to live with the illness. Our dedicated nurses will teach you all you need to know about having a diabetic pet, including exercise, diet (which is really important for diabetic patients) and how to give insulin injections.

Renal clinic

Chronic kidney disease (CKD), is one of the most common conditions affecting older cats and dogs. In most cases, the disease is progressive with a gradual deterioration of kidney function. Unfortunately, there is no cure and CKD cannot be reversed, but in many cases it can be managed and we can slow the progression.

Our renal clinic has been designed to provide you and your pet with the best possible care when a diagnosis of CKD has been made. This is accomplished with the support of a designated nurse who provides continuity of care for your pet’s treatment. We are pleased to be able to offer our recommended programme at discounted prices.

Renal Clinic 1 - 30 minute nurse consultation £15

  • The nurse can answer any queries you have about CKD and your pet’s care. Includes a weight check, body condition score and blood pressure check.

Renal Clinic 2 - 30 minute nurse consultation £50

  • Designed to discuss and review your pet’s progress. Includes weight check, body condition score, blood pressure check, blood test and urine test.

Renal Clinic 3 - 30 minute nurse consultation £15

  • Another chance to discuss and review your pet’s progress. Includes weight check, body condition score, blood pressure check and urine test.

Renal Clinic 4 - 15 minute vet consultation + 30 minute nurse consultation £85

  • Designed to give your pet a comprehensive review of their health and kidney condition. Includes weight check, body condition score, blood pressure check, blood test and advanced urine tests. Recommended every 6 months.

SPECIAL OFFER: 15% discount on renal prescription diets when you bring your pet to our renal clinics.

Our nurses are highly qualified and very knowledgeable about many aspects of pet health care, but please be advised they are not permitted to diagnose illness therefore you may be referred to a vet if necessary and this may incur a veterinary charge.

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