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Dog Factsheets

Whether you are considering getting a puppy or already have a fury best friend at home, we have put together lots of helpful dog advice on topics such as puppies, neutering, vaccinations and behaviour, along with dietary advice, reproduction and more.

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Cat Factsheets

Cats are a big commitment for pet owners, no matter how independent they like to be. Our team of experts have put together advice articles that cover various topics, such as neutering, vaccinations, dietary advice, behaviour topics and more.

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Other Factsheets
Other Factsheets

Our 'Other Factsheets' section focuses mainly on rabbits. Our team of vets and nurses can offer advice on topics such as diet, common medical conditions, housing/socialisation information and microchipping.

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General Pet Advice
General Pet Advice

Your pets can be your best friend or part of the family, at Cromwell Vets we understand that is why the expert team of veterinarians in Cambridgeshire can offer expert advice to cover topics such as neutering, travelling with your pet and dealing with fireworks or noise phobias.

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We have put together some frequently asked questions covering various procedures and methods we have operate here at Cromwell Vets. Take a look through and if you have any further questions, please contact your local branch who will be happy to provide you with answers.

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