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Our pets’ mobility and quality of life can be affected by a huge range of different conditions, from degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis, to injuries such as a ruptured cruciate ligament or fracture. The aim of rehabilitation is to reduce the pain caused by disease, injury or surgery, improve function and ultimately to help our pets enjoy life again.

At Cromwell Vets we have our very own rehabilitation services – the Cromwell Animal Rehabilitation Centre (ARC).  The Cromwell ARC offers physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and class IV laser therapy, providing your pet with a tailored rehabilitation programme to get them back on their feet.

The Cromwell ARC is a purpose built rehabilitation facility housed alongside our Sawtry surgery with a shared car park. It has a spacious physiotherapy treatment room and a separate room for our underwater treadmill used for hydrotherapy. The two rooms allow our physiotherapists to work alongside each other six days a week and to maximise appointment availability for this excellent and busy service.

Rehabilitation at Cromwell ARC

Your pet will be treated by our team of experienced qualified animal physiotherapists, who offer the most up to date treatments including therapeutic ultrasound, exercise therapy, mobilisations, myofascial release, massage and hydrotherapy. The ARC is also equipped with a class IV therapeutic laser unit which has proven itself highly effective in the management of many conditions including osteoarthritis and musculoskeletal injury.

Our physiotherapists work in accordance with The Veterinary Surgeons Act, which means treatment is only undertaken following referral from your vet. If you feel your pet may benefit from being assessed and treated by the team at The Cromwell ARC, please speak to your vet.

When your pet is referred, they will be booked in for an hour-long assessment with the animal physiotherapy team, who will then create a rehabilitation programme specifically for them.

To find more information about Cromwell ARC, how rehabilitation can help your pet or how to book an appointment, please visit their dedicated website:

View Cromwell ARC website