Amazing total raised for StreetVet

It’s been a busy summer for us with our events team being out and about for a total of 10 days at 8 different events. The season kicked off at the College of Animal Welfare in Godmanchester for their “Careers Day”. This is a different kind of event than the others but an important date in the calendar for us – our team enjoy being able to tell the younger generation all about the career they love. The rest of summers events were at local community fetes, festivals and carnivals throughout our region in Sawtry, St Neots, St Ives, Hinchingbrooke, Huntingdon and Cambourne. We really enjoy being out in the community and having the opportunity to talk to pet owners in a different and more relaxed environment. As we do every year, one of our main focusses at events is raising money for charity. This year we continued to raise for StreetVet with our fun dog shows and our fabulous friends from St Ives Dog Training Club also donated their proceeds from their popular have-a-go agility and flyball. The events were a bit quieter this year because of the very hot weather this summer. Nonetheless it’s all helped reach an amazing total! We pleased to announce that along with last year’s events and donations in our surgeries, we have presented StreetVet with a cheque for £1697.94! Thank you to everyone who have joined us at the events and helped us raise so much for such an amazing charity. We’ll be back out in the community next summer, hope to see you there!