Update on “Cromwell” the Moon Bear

We recently received a lovely card from Animals Asia about “Cromwell” the bear. You may remember, we raised £5500 back in 2008/9 to fund the rescue of this wonderful moon bear from the cruel life in a confined cage on a bear bile farm in Vietnam. Here’s what the Animals Asia vet team in Vietnam have written after completing a health check on him:

“We were graced with the presence of lovely Cromwell today. He enjoyed the delicious treats while he awaited his time for a health check and was very destructive to enrichment toys when in the confined space but clearly enjoyed it. A puzzle feeder is not much of a puzzle when you apply brute force. The health check went perfectly and the only abnormality confirmed was just how much Cromwell likes it rough! All over his body was healing scratches from play with his friends in the house! All went well, he was back in the house the next day to continue his play time with his friends that he clearly still after having been rescued so many years ago.”

He’s quite a character isn’t he!? So lovely to hear these updates and how well he’s doing since his rescue in January 2010. We hope to be able to send Animals Asia a donation soon so “Cromwell” can enjoy some treats.